Alexander Ovechkin debuts lifestyle brand

Published August 21, 2023 at 11:01

Alexander Ovechkin, the renowned ice hockey player, is currently focused on chasing Wayne Gretzky's record for the most goals scored in the sport's history as he approaches the end of his career.

Ovechkin is widely recognized for his charismatic personality, having been featured in numerous ESPN commercials and events.

@aleksandrovechkinofficial just announced a new clothing line called OVIGR8. The designs feature a certain quote we all love, the GR8 Chase logo, and the 8/dome mark he made with CCM. Ovi partnered with Zasport on the merch drop.

«Sports merch is an important component of sports culture that unites hockey fans into one community,» Ovechkin said per Google Translate. «This is a fashion product that I myself like and in the creation of which I personally took part. Our plans are to expand the product line and make OVIGR8 sport&casual a popular global brand.»

Ovi and the rest of his family modeled the clothes.

Currently the line is only available in Russia. All the available designs can be seen on ovigr8.com.

Congratulations, Ovi!! (And please bring us back a few hoodies to DC 🙏🏻😆)

In addition, he is also known for his musical talents, performing rock music on various occasions.

Ovechkin's rivalry with Sidney Crosby has been a major highlight of his career, and it continues to be a topic of discussion among hockey enthusiasts. Recently, Ovechkin has also ventured into the fashion industry, launching his own Lifestyle Clothing brand in Russia.

The logo used features Ovi's Gr8 chase logo, which CCM had helped him to create, along with his famous quote:

Russian Machine Never Breaks

First look at the #ALLCAPS Alex Ovechkin clothing line OVIGR8
🎥 Zasport

On the website, you can find Ovechkin's family modeling clothing for his recently released brand, Zaasport, which is now available in Russian stores. However, this is not his first venture into the lifestyle clothing market, as he previously worked with CCM in 2008 and Nike in 2011.

Ovechkin values sports merchandise as a community culture for hockey fans to gather around, and he created this brand as a signifier for those who love him as a player and are passionate about the brand.

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Alexander Ovechkin debuts lifestyle brand

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