AHL players engage with great old-school fight

Published October 14, 2023 at 8:58

Over the past several years, fighting has become a less prominent aspect of hockey. It appears that in this day and age, the current generation of players, parents, and fans are less interested in fights and more focused on skill and scoring.

While all these aspects are undoubtedly important and what people pay to see when they attend games, there's still something to be said about an old-school fight between two players looking to settle a score.

Last night, the Calgary Wranglers faced off against the Manitoba Moose, where two of their players, Alex Gallant of Calgary and the Moose's Jeffrey Viel, decided to drop the gloves and give the fans a traditional bare-knuckle fight.

Both players have a reputation for being tough and are willing to fight for their teammates or to defend themselves. Both men threw several punches that connected, but it didn't slow them down as they continued to brawl hard until they ran out of gas.

It's certainly one of the best hockey fights I've seen in the past few years. The Wranglers emerged victorious, defeating the Moose 4-2, marking the season opener for both teams
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AHL players engage with great old-school fight

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