Bedard is speaking out against the league due to his unfair treatment.

Published October 13, 2023 at 5:12 PM

Connor Bedard has undoubtedly had an extraordinary experience as he continues to navigate the emotional and media rollercoaster that is the NHL, now that the NHL season has begun.

Shortly after being drafted in the first round in late June, there was a barrage of media coverage and incessant chatter about his potential as the next face of the NHL.

"I'd be so sick of hearing about me if I was a fan. There's been too much stuff on me. I haven't even played in a game yet." - Bedard on Himself in Hockey Canada

Despite his poise and professionalism, it appears that this kind of pressure has started to affect him, and he is now speaking out against the NHL regarding the unfair treatment he is receiving, particularly in relation to the constant media attention focused on him.

It is crucial for him to maintain his moral compass as he progresses toward becoming the player everyone envisions him to be. It's noteworthy that he is open to staying humble and taking advice from his idol, Sidney Crosby, who advised him to relish the experience and learn to say no
when it comes to interviews and excessive media coverage.

It's truly challenging to imagine being an 18-year-old with such immense pressure, especially in a market like the Blackhawks, a storied franchise with one of the largest fan bases in the United States. Nevertheless, I believe he will handle this situation admirably.
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Bedard is speaking out against the league due to his unfair treatment.

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