Corey Perry issues harsh statement for fellow Oilers teammates ahead of playoffs

Janessa Ladouceur
March 22, 2024  (3:56 PM)

Oilers Corey Perry
Photo credit: nhltradetalk

Corey Perry speaks with the media before the Edmonton Oilers game against Buffalo

Reporters ask Perry how the players feel about their Head Coach shuffling the lines so often in efforts to find the «perfect» line-up for the playoffs and he had a few words to share.
Perry wants his teammates ego left at the door
"You check your ego at the door, it doesn't matter where you play, or how much you play as long as the team is winning."

It sounds like Perry is a vital presence in the locker room, embodying the winning mentality that is crucial for success in hockey. His focus on everyone doing their job contributes to the team's ability to consistently win games. Leadership like this is invaluable in fostering a cohesive and competitive team environment.

Perry's contribution to the Oilers' lineup, especially considering his mid-season signing after being released by the Blackhawks, underscores his value to the team. Despite his age, his experience and skill set have clearly made an impact, as evidenced by his 8 points in 22 games and a solid +/- rating.

His impressive career spanning 19 seasons and six different teams speaks volumes about his adaptability and longevity in the NHL. Amassing 426 goals, 474 assists, and exactly 900 points over 1295 games demonstrates his consistent scoring ability and overall effectiveness on the ice. Additionally, his 1415 penalty minutes indicate his physical presence and willingness to play a gritty style of hockey when necessary.

Overall, Perry's career statistics and his current performance with the Oilers highlight his enduring relevance and value as a seasoned veteran in the league.

Source: Corey Perry says Oilers players need to check ego at the door