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Why Patrick Kane might think twice if Red Wings miss the playoffs

Published April 1, 2024 at 8:25

The Detroit Red Wings seemed destined for the playoffs just a month ago, now their playoff dreams have taken a hit as they find themselves in a tough position, desperately trying to salvage their postseason chances.

Despite not aligning with the Detroit Red Wings' goals, this unanticipated result could present challenges as we move towards the 2024-25 season. It may sound counterintuitive, but the implications of missing the playoffs could prove to be more burdensome than initially perceived.

Missing Post season could potentially scare Kane away

It appears that signing free agents and persuading players to stay in Detroit might present a tougher challenge. GM Steve Yzerman has done an outstanding job of preserving the team's core, but he must ensure that one of the new faces remains committed to the team.

Re-signing Patrick Kane is of utmost importance for the Red Wings. It feels like the right move to retain him, and I have high hopes that he can form a dynamic duo with Alex DeBrincat to bolster the team's offense moving forward. Detroit's offense needs to deliver big results, and having Kane back for the 2024-25 season would be a monumental boost. However, if the team fails to secure a playoff spot, it might deter him from staying.

The strategic significance of securing a contract for Kane

Some folks seem to be prioritizing the dismissal of Derek Lalonde and Steve Yzerman. In my view, this frustration is misplaced and simply a lapse in judgment. Yzerman has the opportunity to lead the team to success, but maybe the upcoming season isn't the right time for it. Remember, he didn't anticipate making the playoffs in 2023-24.

Keeping Kane on the team is vital to preserving the team's offensive capabilities for the upcoming season. However, it is imperative to secure a new contract with him to guarantee his presence in Detroit. Despite financial constraints, locking in Kane's contract is crucial.

Kane's contribution to the Red Wings has been commendable, with 17 goals and 23 assists in 41 games, resulting in a total of 40 points. His positive impact on the team's offense cannot be overlooked. It would be desirable to retain him for another one-year deal, although I do have some concerns.

In the event that the Red Wings fail to secure a playoff spot this season, Kane may consider exploring other options. He might decide to join a different team in hopes of making a postseason push in 2024-25. Nevertheless, Detroit appears to be the most promising choice; he simply has to have faith in the team. However, if Detroit falls out of playoff contention, the situation could take a turn for the worse, potentially leading to Kane's departure.
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Why Patrick Kane might think twice if Red Wings miss the playoffs

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