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Report: Detroit Red Wings' general manager Steve Yzerman issues statement on Patrick Kane

Published March 2, 2024 at 12:55

The Detroit Red Wings are buzzing with excitement over Patrick Kane's incredible performance since he joined the team in November.

Kane has seamlessly integrated into the lineup, showing off his skills and bringing back the magic that made him a star with the Chicago Blackhawks.

With a 10-game streak of scoring or assisting, Kane has been a driving force behind the Red Wings' push to end their playoff drought, which dates back to 2016.

"He obviously looks really good, and I've watched him his entire career," Yzerman said. "But when you see him on your own team and his poise with the puck and his patience with it is remarkable."

General Manager Steve Yzerman couldn't be happier with Kane's impact, praising his impressive control and calmness with the puck.

Looking back on their past encounters, Yzerman reminisced about facing Kane during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, where Yzerman managed Team Canada.

Despite the fierce competition, Yzerman couldn't help but admire Kane's exceptional talent.

"I go back a little but, but going back to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver playing against the US in the preliminary round, I was with Canada," he said. "We lost to the US in the preliminary round and he was really good in that game, and then we played them in the gold medal game and he was phenomenal. The plays he was making, that was the first time that I knew who he was in the NHL and saw it first hand that he's very special. That good stood out to me, though we ultimately won in overtime, but every time he had the puck, it seemed like he was going to create a scoring chance"

Kane's standout performances in both the preliminary round and the gold medal game left Yzerman in awe, highlighting his ability to create scoring chances whenever he had the puck.
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Report: Detroit Red Wings' general manager Steve Yzerman issues statement on Patrick Kane

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