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Rookie Move: Landon Slaggert's First Ride Without a Helmet Costs Him

Published March 21, 2024 at 7:56 PM

In the world of professional sports, the moment you reach the pinnacle of your career, as an NHL player you want to save the moment. With feelings so tangible, you want to experience the ice uniquely.

Landon Slaggert's debut was during the St. Patrick's Day match-up, with the Blackhawks rookie foregoing a helmet, as he took his rookie lap.

While he chose to forego his helmet in honor of traditions past in the NHL, Gary Bettman and the league didn't let the lap go unnoticed.


The league has changed rules regarding wearing helmets, and now Landon Slaggert will be fined $2,500 for his helmetless lap.

This sum usually wouldn't be an issue for an NHL regular, but for Slaggert the logic is to be questioned, as the decision has caused a stir.

Slaggert got to experience his first lap on NHL ice, in a celebratory manner, where everyone was donned up for the St. Patrick's Day holiday, creating a special experience for the rookie.

All the while Slaggert made his NHL debut, he had 40 tickets secured for friends and family, quite a substantial sum for a debut.

This moment could be construed as a special one that celebrated the community which helped Slaggert achieve his goal and reach the NHL, with the Blackhawks.

This, however, went astray as questions were asked regarding how much money the rookie lost, as he undoubtedly had to shell out for tickets, and for his helmetless lap.

Slaggert's debut was epic in circumstances for his community, which was present during the St. Patrick's Day game, and will hopefully be the first of many more NHL games to come for the rookie.

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Rookie Move: Landon Slaggert's First Ride Without a Helmet Costs Him

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