Latest on Patrick Kane's return to Chicago has been confirmed by team reporter

May 27, 2024  (2:07 PM)

Patrick Kane Blackhawks celebration
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Patrick Kane Might Return to Chicago

The Chicago Blackhawks started a new chapter when they traded Patrick Kane to the New York Rangers in the 2022-23 season.
But now, there's talk about Kane coming back to Chicago.
Scott Powers from The Athletic mentioned that the Blackhawks' bosses might soon talk about the chance of bringing Kane back. With young star Connor Bedard on the team, the Blackhawks want to bring in more skilled players to help him get better.
I've heard enough in the past few weeks to believe that the Blackhawks are going to at least internally discuss whether to re-sign Kane. The answer may not change, but I do think it's an agenda item as they lead up to free agency.
Said Powers.
Kane, who did well last season with the Detroit Red Wings, could be just the right player.
There is the question of whether Kane wants to return, but I do believe he's open to it. Kyle Davidson made sure Kane's departure was as smooth as possible, and that the relationship wasn't fractured. As much as Kane is a star wherever he plays, it's at another level in Chicago. I'm sure he was reminded of that when he came back with the Red Wings. He's also comfortable in every way, on and off the ice, in Chicago. I'm sure he'd like to make a run at Stan Mikita's franchise points record (Kane needs 242 points to match Mikita) or be in a Blackhawks jersey as he goes after Mike Modano's career numbers as the top U.S.-born player.
Said Powers.
Last season, Kane played 50 games and scored 20 goals, adding up to 47 points. He showed he's still a great player. If he's available again, other teams will definitely be interested.
What happens next with Kane will be interesting to watch. If he comes back to Chicago, it would be a big story and could help the team build a strong group around Bedard.
Now, it's up to the Blackhawks' leaders to decide if bringing Kane back fits with their plans.
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Latest on Patrick Kane's return to Chicago has been confirmed by team reporter

IF the Blackhawks had to convince Kane to return to Chicago by offering him a contract with an average of $7M, should they do it?

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