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Legendary former Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews
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Jonathan Toews absent from event after announcing break from the NHL

Published April 24, 2024 at 8:14

Former Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews MIA from event honouring Chris Chelios' No. 7 and Patrick Kane's return.

Star Studded event, but where was Toews?

A remarkable event unfolded at the United Center as the Chicago Blackhawks retired Chris Chelios' No. 7 jersey, honoring his contributions to the team. The evening also marked Patrick Kane's return after being traded last year, which was met with great anticipation.

The presence of distinguished figures like Wayne Gretzky, Eddie Vedder, and Dennis Rodman added to the star-studded atmosphere. Furthermore, Cindy Crawford's goal during the second intermission's Shoot the Puck added an exciting twist to the proceedings. Former teammates including Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith, Patrick Sharp, and Marian Hossa were also present at the event but where was Toews?

Kane and Toews

For the Chicago Blackhawks, the names Jonathan Toews and Kane are forever intertwined. Toews' instrumental role in rejuvenating the team's fortunes during the late 2000s paved the way for three Stanley Cup victories in the 2010s.

Kane epitomized the group's style, while Toews managed the operations. Known as Captain Serious, he was the individual who would go to great lengths on the ice to ensure the Hawks' triumph. One would assume that he would have attended Kane's homecoming in Chicago, regardless of Patrick sporting a Red Wings jersey.

Toews reveals plan to temporary leave

During the summer, Toews revealed his plan to temporarily leave the NHL and concentrate on his health and ever since he made that announcement, Toews seems to have gradually receded from the public's attention.

Toews' well-being had taken a turn for the worse. The intensity of his physical gameplay was not sustainable in the long run. As his tenure with the Blackhawks neared its end, he bravely confronted the prolonged effects of COVID-19.

His last visit to the United Center was an emotionally charged night. The Hawks had already announced that they would not be retaining Toews for the following season, making the final game of the season his last with the team. Despite the circumstances, he managed to score a goal in the finale and was greeted with a stirring ovation as the final horn sounded.

Where was Toews during star studded event?

Toews informed the Chicago Blackhawks beat reporter for The Athletic, Scott Powers, that he planned to watch the game from home. Toews also shared his thoughts on Kane's return to the United Center with NHL.com's Tracey Myers.

Towes records message for North Dakota University

It has been pointed out by Brook LoFurno of Hockeywriters.com that Toews looks healthy and calm in the video. In the event that Toews makes a comeback to the ice next season, he could potentially receive a rousing welcome from the Blackhawks fans, even if he is playing for a different team.

The physical toll of injuries and the lingering effects of COVID-19 may have diminished his once exceptional abilities. Perhaps taking a year off will revitalize him, but it is evident that his performance was declining.

Toews has definitely earned the freedom to make his own career decisions. If he believes he's ready to make a return to the NHL after taking a year off to recover, then he should go for it.

Do you think Toews will make a comeback? or do you think this is retirement?
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Jonathan Toews absent from event after announcing break from the NHL

Do you think Toews will return to the NHL?

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