Corey Perry is about to receive a major $225,000 Inducement

Published February 22, 2024 at 2:40 PM

Former Chicago Blackhawks forward Corey Perry is set to hit a milestone with the Edmonton Oilers.

After playing nine games with the team, Perry is gearing up for his tenth game, which is expected to be against the Minnesota Wild on Friday.

This significant moment means Perry will earn a $225,000 bonus for reaching his tenth game played with the Oilers. It's a reward for his contributions to the team since joining them.

It's worth noting that this bonus will impact Edmonton's salary cap at the end of the season.

Any overages will be applied to next season's cap, ensuring financial considerations for the team as they navigate their roster and future contracts.
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Corey Perry is about to receive a major $225,000 Inducement

Will Perry and the Oilers win the cup this year?

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