Bedard with a backhand

Connor Bedard puts on a show for the Washington Capitals crowd

Published March 10, 2024 at 4:14 PM

Connor Bedard is still playing out the 1st season of his NHL career, he missed a month of play and doesn't seem to have missed a step.

The rookie who is leading all others in points this season, with Brock Faber a close 2nd, always puts on a show wherever he seems to go.


That show, was last night when Bedard not only had a whopping sixteen shots on goal, but the Capitals faithful were treated to a masterclass in puck handling.

Bedard's hard work is shown here like he has done in Colorado, he broke the ankles of other NHL players here in Capital One Arena.

Here you can see him dangling around the Capitals players and creating space needed on the ice to generate offense.

Bedard did his best to help the team win against the Capitals last night, but they couldn't pull it off.

It shouldn't go unnoticed, how he makes NHL defenders look like amateurs when it comes to his flashy style of play.

However, Bedard unfortunately couldn't connect on any shots levied against Charlie Lindgren last night.

The Blackhawks will take on the Arizona Coyotes tonight at 6:00 PM and want redemption for last night with a win.

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Connor Bedard puts on a show for the Washington Capitals crowd

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