Connor Bedard with the puck

Connor Bedard begins trending for outburst of rage once again

Published March 10, 2024 at 4:14 PM

In order for the Chicago Blackhawks to stay in the playoff race, they had to beat the Washington Capitals.

It's safe to say that didn't happen, as the Vegas Golden Knights won and the New York Rangers blanked the St. Louis Blues.


In other words, the odds were stacked against the Chicago Blackhawks and they would lose 4-1 to Washington Capitals.

After their last road win, the loss didn't help, and Bedard couldn't finish on the power play last night.

During the power-play, he missed multiple chances, and his frustration was evident.

Despite Luke Richardson's advice against telegraphing how the other team made him feel, he let his emotions out.

However, this time he only took it out on his stick and didn't risk injuring his hand.

Bedard's competitiveness is once again evident on the bench, as he lets loose yet again.

Last night, Tyler Johnson was the only one to light the lamp.

The Blackhawks are now 16-43-5 and tanking for Celebrini?
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Connor Bedard begins trending for outburst of rage once again

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