How does he do it?

Connor Bedard Makes Avalanche Players Look like Fools

Published March 1, 2024 at 7:52 PM

Connor Bedard is in the running for a Calder Trophy, with 40 points scored in 46 games played this season.

What he hasn't turned off is the abilities that led to him being a top draft pick in the NHL.


While they did succumb to the Colorado Avalanche, 5-0 Connor Bedard would be there to break the defense's ankles.

With these moves, you see Bedard actively showing us all why he's compared to other dynamic centers in the NHL, like Connor McDavid and Nathan MacKinnon.

His ability to handle the puck, while using his ridiculous skating abilities to cut through defenses is an amazing look.

While, yes the Blackhawks won't be competing for a cup anytime in the future, the team itself is grateful for Bedard's presence every night, as he gives them a chance to win and to score.

This never-say-die attitude is shown in his edgework and his ways of finding gaps to pass and shoot in as well.

He is still developing as an NHL player, but he also makes it look way to easy to make Avalanche defenders look like amateurs.

As you can see below, he is very creative on ice and looks comfortable, compared to the beginning of the year.
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Connor Bedard Makes Avalanche Players Look like Fools

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