Victor Wenbenyama and Connor Bedard with twigs

Exclusive Connor Bedard interview gets officially released

Published January 31, 2024 at 12:05
Among the NBA's first-round picks and NHL's first-round picks, two stand out as generational stars. It was fortunate for both the Chicago Blackhawks and San Antonio Spurs to get the picks of their choice in that year.

In their first season, Connor Bedard and Victor Wembenyama have performed as expected for their respective teams.

Their stories were shared during a meeting in December.


Their meeting before the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs game resulted in some entertaining photographs. Here's an example of how Wembenyama, who stands 7'4", towers over Bedsy, who is only 5'10".

Wembenyama and Bedsy are considered generational talents for different reasons, thanks to their different skill sets.

Wembenyama shared his love for hockey and fighting, and it seems like the Blackhawks and Bedsy should have hooked him up with a Bob Probert jersey.

Bedsy and Wembenyama shared similar stories of going against their idols such as Kevin Durant and Sidney Crosby.

Building bridges between the two 1st rounders and the two sports is a great way of growing the game and building relationships.

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Exclusive Connor Bedard interview gets officially released

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