Connor Bedard spilling the beans on a devastating loss
Photo credit: Phil Thompson

Connor Bedard breaks silence on a devastating loss

Published January 2, 2024 at 9:27 PM
Connor Bedard from the Chicago Blackhawks spilled some feelings about Canada's recent bummer in the World Juniors. He shared:

"I know lots of guys on the team, and us Canadians are super proud of that. I just feel bad for those guys and how hard they played. It really sucks."

Bedard's emotions show how players get all connected in global games, especially when they're repping their home turf like Bedard did last year with Team Canada and won gold. Even though he's rocking it in the NHL, Bedard caring about his fellow Canadians tells us there's a deep bond in the hockey world.

Bedard loses money on Canada losing

Luke Richardson on the World Juniors: "Petr's having some fun with that, collecting all his money. He was mad, one of the young guys has never used an ATM before, so he was trying to show him how."

As Bedard keeps rocking it in his rookie season with the Blackhawks, this real talk moment reminds us that players worldwide share experiences and emotions, going beyond just personal successes.
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