Connor Bedard 'Devastated' Involving Last Night's Blackhawks Loss

Published January 24, 2024 at 11:56 PM
The Chicago Blackhawks' rookie, Connor Bedard, finds himself in a tough spot, with the team's head coach, Luke Richardson, revealing that his recovery timetable is "at least six weeks" from the January 3rd injury.

Richardson described the recovery process as "bone-settling," indicating a challenging road ahead for the young player.

What adds a layer of disappointment is Bedard's inability to play against his childhood favorite and hometown team in the recent game last night, which resulted in a loss. Luke Richardson expressed that Bedard is "devastated" about missing the opportunity to take the ice in his hometown last night.

The setback and the emotional toll it's taking on Bedard emphasize the challenges that come with injuries, that he's had to experience just under half a season into his first pro career.

Blackhawks fans and supporters will be eagerly awaiting Bedard's return to the lineup, hoping for a swift recovery.
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Connor Bedard 'Devastated' Involving Last Night's Blackhawks Loss

Would the Blackhawks have beaten the Canucks last night if Bedsy was in the lineup?

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