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Chicago Blackhawks inform bad news to Connor Bedard

Published December 30, 2023 at 6:11 PM
If there is one thing hockey fans know about newcomer Connor Bedard, it's that he is one of the most motivated 18-year olds out there and he's sure made it known since day one of the NHL season.

Early on into the 2023-24 season, Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson stated he was 'caught off guard' after seeing Connor Bedard at a very interesting spot at 6:30AM, the morning after a game.

Connor Bedard was in the gym of the team hotel:

According to Luke Richardson, he was caught off guard at the hotel gym when his 18-year-old rookie strolled in for some morning stretching. But that's the kind of athlete Bedard has proven to be.
Said NBC Sports Chicago.

"I think he's that guy. He's eager," Richardson said Sunday. "I'm in the gym at 6:30 this morning and he rolls in not too long after me and he's in there stretching in his bare feet preparing his routine before the game."
Said Luke Richardson.

More on the fact of proving Bedard has quite the relentless personality at the age of 18, Bedard continuously stays on the ice hours + (plus) after his teammates at practice, to the point where the Blackhawks had to inform Bedard to hurry up as he was still practicing while his teammates were on the bus about to leave the arena.

With all this nonstop action for the 18-year old rookie sensation, there has to be some much-needed rest so he does not overdue it (physically and mentally) and it appears it's taken Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson to inform Bedard that he should take a rest day at todays morning practice.

Bedard was not seen on the ice for practice for the first time this year which drew great concern amongst the fan base, but it was simply protocol for Bedard to not overwork himself.

Blackhawks reporter Ben Pope reported on X (formerly known as Twitter) this morning that Bedard did not take the ice with the practice group and a fan stated:

'No Bedard? Is that a first?'

Pope of Chicago Suntimes responded with:

'Yeah I'm shocked he's not out there. They might have told him he has to rest.'

This Bedard's personality of constant room for improvement i am sure this wasn't ideal for him to hear, but it is within his best interest to rest his body as he's been leading the Blackhawks in goals and points throughout the teams 35 games so far this season.
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Chicago Blackhawks inform bad news to Connor Bedard

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