Blackhawks coach and young defensemen call out teammates following loss

Published January 19, 2024 at 3:04 PM
The Chicago Blackhawks had a tough 3-0 loss against the Buffalo Sabres after the game was delayed due to heavy snowfall. It marked their fourth shutout this season and a significant 16th consecutive road loss.

Defenseman Alex Vlasic expressed disappointment, noting a lack of energy and readiness from the start.

He mentioned the team's struggle to match the Sabres' fast-paced style, highlighting an overall sluggish performance.

«We came out pretty slow, right from the start,» defenseman Alex Vlasic said. «It felt like nobody had jump, nobody was really ready to go. [The Sabres] like to play a high-flying game, pretty fast-paced, and we played right into that. All around, we were sluggish the whole game, myself included.»

Coach Luke Richardson emphasized the need for a simpler and more direct offensive approach.

He urged the team to take shots when opportunities arise and avoid unnecessary passes.

Richardson pointed out instances where extra passes led to missed chances and unfavorable outcomes.

«[We need] a little simpler, direct approach on offense,» coach Luke Richardson said. «We need to shoot pucks when we have that opportunity. There were a couple line rushes or two-on-one [rushes] where we decided to make an extra pass, and that was just fortunate for them and unfortunate for us.»

The straightforward comments from both Vlasic and Richardson highlight the team's recognition of the subpar performance and the areas that need improvement in the future.
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Blackhawks coach and young defensemen call out teammates following loss

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