NHL considering major ban caused by Connor Bedard

Published December 27, 2023 at 2:27 PM
The NHL has a fresh crop of players bringing new tricks to the ice, and one move making waves is the Michigan goal. Recently showcased by Connor Bedard from the Blackhawks, this slick move has everyone talking, with good and bad.

After Bedard's incredible goal, former NHL enforcer Jay Rosehill took to the social media platform 'x' (formerly known as Twitter) with some thoughts.

He hinted that the league might be thinking about banning these jaw-dropping moves, and it's got fans speculating about what commissioner Gary Bettman might decide.

Bedard's Michigan goal has hockey fans split. Some say it adds excitement and flair to the game, while others are wondering if it's time for the NHL to shake things up in the goal-scoring department.

It's a hot topic, and as fans debate, we'll see if Bedard's incredible moves might face some changes in the league.
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NHL considering major ban caused by Connor Bedard

Should Gary Bettman ban the Michigan move?

Yes8015.8 %
No42584.2 %
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