Chicago Blackhawks declared winners in blockbuster trade that shook the NHL

Published December 27, 2023 at 8:25
In a bold move last year, the Chicago Blackhawks pulled off a trade that many questioned at first—the departure of fan-favorite Alex DeBrincat to the Ottawa Senators. Fast forward a year, and it's crystal clear: the Blackhawks are the undisputed winners of this trade, and here's why.

When DeBrincat was shipped off, there was an initial wave of doubt among fans. After all, he was coming off a stellar season, and saying goodbye to a proven talent is never easy. However, the Blackhawks, under the strategic eye of General Manager Kyle Davidson, weren't just making a move; they were laying the groundwork for a triumphant future.

Let's break it down. DeBrincat, despite his standout performance, was set to become a restricted free agent with possible arbitration looming. That's a tricky situation, and the Blackhawks, recognizing the potential risks, opted for a proactive approach. Instead of tying themselves down with a big-money, long-term contract, they secured valuable assets.

In return for DeBrincat, the Blackhawks snagged Kevin Korchinski, a rising star in their prospect pool. Korchinski isn't just a hopeful addition; he's proven his mettle with an impressive campaign with the Seattle Thunderbirds, tallying a whopping 73 points in 54 games. This kid's got serious potential.

Now, compare that to DeBrincat's brief stint with the Senators, marked by an uninterested attitude towards an extension after just one season. Imagine the Blackhawks stuck with him—uncertainty, potential contract disputes, and an aging roster. That's not the recipe for a winning team.

Fast forward to the present, and the Blackhawks are looking ahead with a top prospect like Korchinski who has already made a name for himself in the NHL and the flexibility to build a formidable core. It's not about what DeBrincat was; it's about what the Blackhawks are becoming.

Sure, there's the argument that DeBrincat was an elite forward, and his absence might be felt. But hockey is about the team, not just one player. The emergence of Korchinski, coupled with the potential of Paul Ludwinski, who was acquired with the other draft pick in the DeBrincat trade, makes it clear that the Blackhawks made a savvy move, positioning themselves for a brighter future.

In conclusion, let's not dwell on what was lost but celebrate what has been gained. The DeBrincat trade was a strategic masterstroke by the Blackhawks, setting the stage for a dynasty in the making.

The skeptics may linger, but as the seasons unfold, it will become increasingly evident—the Blackhawks decisively won this trade.
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Chicago Blackhawks declared winners in blockbuster trade that shook the NHL

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