Blackhawks forward tries to entice a fight with Cogliano

Published March 21, 2023 at 1:17 PM
Mackenzie Entwistle, the 6'3 185 pound right winger try to show his fighting skills in front of the Colorado crowd as he was trying to entice Andrew Cogliano into a fight.

After several shoves by Entwistle, Cogliano did not bite and skated off away from the Chicago forward. As that whistle was approaching his bench, one of the avalanche players squirted Entwistle with a bottle of water as he skated by.

What's interesting is last year, Mackenzie Entwhistle also was sprayed with a water bottle by Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn after taking a strong hit into the boards.

There is no word if any other Colorado players will face a fine as Seguin did.

The 23-year-old right winger was drafted in the 2017 NHL draft by Arizona in the third round, he was chosen 69th overall. He has played 54 games this season, with three goals and six assists for nine points and has a - 8 with 12 penalty minutes.
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Blackhawks forward tries to entice a fight with Cogliano

Is it a common respect rule to not throw a big hit when you're winning 5-0?

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