Marc-Andre Fleury's Next Trade Destination Down To Three Teams

Published February 9, 2024 at 1:56 PM
The NHL trade deadline is looming, sparking rumors of potential player moves. One player in the spotlight is veteran goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, currently with the Minnesota Wild.

Fleury's contract ends after this season, making him an attractive option for teams eyeing a playoff run. While there's no sign of a long-term deal with the Wild, interest from other teams is brewing.

According to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, contenders like the Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers are eyeing Fleury. With Carolina's goalie situation uncertain and Edmonton needing backup for Stuart Skinner, Fleury could be a game-changer.

20. When it comes to goalies, Marc-Andre Fleury will have the biggest impact. He's earned the right to call his shot; nothing happens without his approval. Fleury initially was unhappy to move from Vegas to Chicago, and needed convincing to go to Minnesota. But the guy eats, breathes and loves hockey, so he adapts upon arrival. This screams Carolina, Colorado or Edmonton, all playoff-bound. But, in some of those situations, he wouldn't be the starter, so that factors in. Again, it's his call, and deservedly so.

- Elliotte Friedman

The team could stand a chance at a deep playoff push with Fleury.

Fleury's adaptability and passion for hockey make him a valuable asset. His decision on potential trades could shape the playoff landscape for teams in need of a solid goaltender.
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Marc-Andre Fleury's Next Trade Destination Down To Three Teams

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