Bomb Threat Scare at NHL Arena Leads to K-9 Unit Request

Published February 18, 2024 at 2:12 PM

On Saturday, there was a scary situation at the United Center when someone reported a possible threat.

The police quickly showed up with dogs to check things out.

Three police units, numbered 7324, 7333, and 7325, rushed to the scene. Making sure everyone at the United Center was safe became the top priority.

They needed to be sure there wasn't any danger.

Even though it's unsettling when things like this happen, it's good to see the police taking it seriously and acting fast.

The United Center is a big deal in Chicago, so keeping it safe is super important for everyone who goes there.

While the police keep investigating, it's a good idea for people at the United Center to stay alert and report anything strange.

This event is a reminder of how crucial it is to have good security in public places.
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Bomb Threat Scare at NHL Arena Leads to K-9 Unit Request

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