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Ryan Hartman looks troubled
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Wilds' Ryan Hartman's season ended with a serious suspension

Published April 24, 2024 at 6:24 PM

The Minnesota Wild's Ryan Hartman doesn't have great nerves, as he seems to be easily riled. He threw his stick on the ice, during the game against the Vegas Golden Knights.

The match which occurred almost a month ago led to Hartman being suspended for the rest of the season.


On March 30th, Hartman would receive an unsportsmanlike conduct for tossing his stick on the ice, after berating officials, following the team's 2-1 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights on the 30th of March.

Hartman said he wasn't trying to hurt anyone, but it seems his passion got the better of him as he threw the stick on the ice, and would abruptly end his season as a result.

What better way to help your team than to remove yourself from the competition? Hartman, 29, would agree his conduction was unprofessional as well.

This is Hartman's fourth suspension since his arrival in the NHL during the 2015 season. He also was suspended for tripping in November, and as a result of this suspension for tossing his stick, hasn't been on the ice since.

Hartman is a repeat offender and with the CBA coming into play with these suspensions he forfeit a whopping $62,195.00 in salary as a result.

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Ryan Hartman suspended 3 games for throwing a stick on the ice from the Wild's bench
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Wilds' Ryan Hartman's season ended with a serious suspension

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