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Connor Bedard faces all kinds of backlash after heading to Vancouver

Published April 21, 2024 at 7:12 PM

Vancouver native, Connor Bedard has just finished his first NHL season, as a rookie. Despite missing a month, which totaled 14 games he held onto the lead for the Calder Trophy and met expectations easily.

Bedard totaled 61 points(22 G, 39 A) during the 2023-2024 regular season as the Blackhawks face of the franchise.


He's had to adapt and overcome, to figure out the NHL and once he did he took off running.

With the help of Nick Foligno, Taylor Hall, and Andreas Athanasiou the rookie had plenty of mentorship despite the lack of lineup help, due to injuries being a major factor in the Blackhawks' lack of competitiveness.

He has since divulged his idea for the post-season, as he is returning home to Vancouver to train.

He feels his weak spot is his speed, which you can see he could be faster in the NHL, especially when it comes to players like Connor McDavid who can easily turn on the afterburners.

However, this led to NHL fans giving their unsolicited opinions about Bedard's weaknesses.

Some opinions were empathetic, however, but the backlash was significant in some cases.

Bedard isn't perfect and no rookie is during their first season in the NHL, we hope Bedard comes back healthy and ready to do it again next season.

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Connor Bedard faces all kinds of backlash after heading to Vancouver

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