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The NHL is leaning towards a major rule change

Published March 19, 2024 at 7:34 PM

The NHL General Managers are conducting meetings in Palm Beach, Florida currently.

The topics being discussed are long-term injured reserve, rule changes, suspension standards, and cap issues related to LTIR.

One rule change that gained a lot of ground during discussions is the delay of the game when the puck is accidentally shot over the glass.

The NHL Senior Executive and Vice President of Hockey Operations, Colin Campbell spoke to the media after the meetings today.

«We discussed puck-over-glass and discussed it pretty thoroughly today,» said Campbell. «We discussed: Should we look at taking a penalty down and adding a penalty, or just taking a penalty down (based on review)? Because it's tough after a game when you added a penalty that wasn't (called) a penalty (in real time). That's real hard for the fans of a team to take.»

According to NHL Insider Darren Dreger the puck over glass; delay of game penalty may end up being a coach's challenge.

The recommendations that the GM discussed will eventually be put up for a vote, will go the the competition committee first and then to the board of governors to approve the measure.

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The NHL is leaning towards a major rule change

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