The Crazy Details Regarding Brent Seabrook's Injuries.

Published December 27, 2019 at 10:23

The Chicago Blackhawks announced some crazy injury news just before the holidays. Both Calvin de Haan and Brent Seabrook were going on long term injured reserve and both going under the knife while Brandon Saad was going on IR. Surgery was no surprise for de Haan however the announcement regarding Seabrook was a bit of surprise. Seabrook had been practicing and playing with the team before the now infamous healthy scratch. A couple of days later and the details regarding Seabrook's upcoming surgical procedures have been revealed and they're pretty crazy. He'll have surgery on his right should today followed by surgery on his right hip in early January and his left hip in early February.These injuries have apparently been around for awhile and Seabrook being made a healthy scratch against Colorado is what got the soon to be 35 year old defenseman to finally admit the pain. He's done for the season and whether or not he'll be ready for next season is still up in the air.

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