Patrick Kane
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The Coyotes give Patrick Kane a hilarious tribute

Published March 11, 2024 at 11:03

In this day age of the NHL, paper transactions have become the norm as teams have weaponized their salary cap to get ahead of other organizations. The team who has made this an art is the Arizona Coyotes.

One such transaction was in 2023 at the NHL trade deadline when the Coyotes helped the Blackhawks trade Patrick Kane to the New York Rangers by eating 25% of the cap for the Hawks.

Kaner returned this weekend to Mullet arena after becoming a Detroit Red Wing just prior to the new year. As he was a Coyote on paper, the organization released a hilarious tribute on X formerly known as Twittter,

Their organization has been a running joke for a number of years with the constant ownership and arena issues, to be allowed to play in a university arena that is well below the standard of any NHL facility and the constant issue of never being competitive while trying to grow a fanbase.

At some point this needs to stop, and something needs to change. Either fold it or relocate the team elsewhere.
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The Coyotes give Patrick Kane a hilarious tribute

Will Patrick Kane return the Blackhawks?

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