Robin Lehner Calls Out Chicago Reporter.

Published February 26, 2020 at 1:20 PM

"The Chicago Blackhawks trading Robin Lehner not only left fans and analysts a little confused, but it also left some Blackhawks' players shocked. A couple of weeks ago a story came out that Lehner wouldn't take any home town discount and wanted to get paid this summer. Then less than 24hrs after the trade, a different story came out that Lehner was willing to take a three year deal with the Hawks and leave a bit of money on the table. Lehner was made aware of everything and when John Dietz of the Daily Herald posted his article from six weeks ago trying to imply that Lehner wouldn't take less money today, Lehner decided to respond. "Total lie. I said I wanted to be paid fair after you asked me if I would take less Becuse of my history. Easy for you guys to create your own narrative. It's done and over with. Was willing to do short term. Money was never discussed. Life goes on. Enjoyed my time in Chicago."
Check out the interaction below:


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