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Patrick Kane Frustrated With Season.

Published January 17, 2022 at 8:55 PM

It's been a frustrating season for the Chicago Blackhawks on many levels no doubt. Despite how things have worked out, forward Patrick Kane has still been able to register 34 points in 34 games. However he's not happy about it because out of those 34 points, only 9 of them are goals. Kane spoke about it recently and said it's been arguably the most frustrating season of his career. «Probably been one of those more frustrating years for me personally, so far,» Kane said. «You try to do what you can to get chances, and when you get those chances, try to capitalize.»Is it the hip injury slowing him down?
«Everyone's dealing with something at this point of the year,» he shrugged.
It's just been a mental battle. «You're always trying to make the right play as an offensive guy, then let the goals and assists work themselves out after that,» Kane said. «But as a player, you always want to contribute (by) scoring goals, especially as an offensive guy. If I can not worry about it but start doing it more often, more like I'm accustomed to, I think it's going to help this team even more.»What do you think of Kane's comments?

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