kevin korchinski and lukas reichel's growth

Published July 23, 2023 at 9:26 PM

Mark Eaton recently appeared on NBC Chicago's Chicago Blackhawks Talk Podcast where he shared his thoughts on the current situation of some of the team's prospects. Specifically, Kevin Korchinski and Lukas Reichel were discussed, and Eaton provided insight into their development and career status.

Eaton expressed his satisfaction with Korchinski's success in the WHL and noted that the young defenseman will benefit from playing for the Memorial Cup.

While Eaton believes Korchinski is NHL-ready, he may require further physical development before making the jump to playing 82 NHL games next season.

Regarding Lukas Reichel, the decision of his position will be based on the coach's opinion. Eaton believes Reichel's versatility is an asset to the team and acknowledges that he is still young with room to learn and grow. However, Reichel's 200-foot game will have to improve if he hopes to take a Center position in the NHL.

Overall, the Blackhawks have promising talent, but it is clear that more development is needed for long-term success. It will be exciting to see them mature and make their mark in the NHL.
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kevin korchinski and lukas reichel's growth

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