Jeremy Colliton Close To Being Fired?

Published August 31, 2021 at 1:45 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks went from a rebuilding team to a team with lots of pressure and looked at as a playoff team. With general manager Stan Bowman's latest acquisitions there will be a lot of pressure for the team to not only make the playoffs but make a run at the Stanley Cup. That means all eyes will be on head coach Jeremy Colliton throughout the season and NBC Sports has him on the hot seat. NBC Sports put together a list of all NHL coaches from safest to person in the biggest danger zone and that's exactly where Colliton found himself at #32 which would imply the most likely to be fire. "The Blackhawks' only playoff appearance the past four years (including three with Colliton) was the bubble season where they had the NHL's 23rd-best record. They spent a ton of money this offseason, increased expectations, and still have a thin roster that looks nothing like a contender. Classic case of a team that might «disappoint» and make an early change."
If the Hawks get off to a slow start after the first month do you think Colliton will be let go?

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