Former NHL Goalie's Tax Fraud Case in Finland

Janessa Ladouceur
April 5, 2024  (10:46 PM)

Mika Noronen
Photo credit: shl.se

Mika Noronen, the retired NHL goalie who used to be with the Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks, is now in hot water with tax fraud allegations in Finland.

The start and end of his NHL career
Mika Noronen's journey in the NHL began when he was chosen as the 21st overall pick by the Buffalo Sabres in the 1997 draft. After a few years as a free agent, he was eventually traded to the Vancouver Canucks in 2006. However, Noronen's career in the NHL was cut short after participating in 71 games.
A deeper dive into the allegations
According to Ita-Sanomat, Mika Noronen is facing the possibility of up to four years in prison due to allegations of aggravated tax fraud. The Tax Administration has accused Noronen of deceiving authorities regarding his finances in July 2020. To establish aggravated charges, the prosecution must prove that his actions were intentional and driven by a desire for substantial financial gain.
According to the Criminal Code, you can "commit aggravated tax fraud if you provide the tax authorities with misleading information for taxation purposes. In addition, an aggravated offence requires that the offence has been committed with the aim of obtaining a large financial gain or that it is committed in a particularly planned manner."
While the exact nature of these charges remains undisclosed, many presume them to be linked to Noronen's prestigious real estate business in the United Arab Emirates, which is purportedly worth millions of euros. Whenever asked about the allegations, Noronen simply stated
"I have no comment at this stage. I don't have anything to say about it."

Noronen's retirement from hockey is taking an unexpected turn, as a trial date has yet to be established. Hopefully, his home country of Finland will show him some leniency and not be overly harsh on him during this challenging period.
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