Expected 1 Overall Pick Makes Big Statement About Patrick Kane.

Published April 8, 2020 at 3:21 PM

"Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane has definitely come a long way since making his debut in a Blackhawks' uniform. While he's come along way, he's without a doubt always been a star since his rookie season and is now in the debate regarding the best Blackhawks of all time. Kane has 1022 points in 973 career NHL games which includes 389 goals to go along with his dominating playoff numbers of 123 points in 127 career playoff games. While Kane continues to add numbers to his soon to be Hall of Fame career, he's at the point where he's inspiring the next generation of superstars. That's exactly what he's done when it comes to the player who's expected to go #1 at the upcoming draft. Alexis Lafreniere recently told reporters that his favourite player is Patrick Kane. "Growing up I've always watched Patrick Kane. He's my favorite player.»
It would be an absolute beauty to see Lafreniere end up with the Hawks!


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