Jonathan Toews Has Special Message For Hawks' Fans.

Published April 2, 2020 at 12:23

When the NHL announced that it was pausing the season, it gave NHL players the opportunity to go home where ever that is around the world if they want. Some hockey players decided to stick around and lockdown in their city of employment. One of those players is captain Jonathan Toews who decided to stay in Chicago with his girlfriend. As staying at home gets tougher for everybody, Toews had a special message for Blackhawks' fans and everybody in Chicago. "Well, first of all we love our fans. We miss 'em. We miss seeing everybody at the United Center. Obviously this is a crazy time and a tough time for everybody.The biggest thing we can learn probably is no matter what your background, what your political views are, I think we're all coming together on this. That's the biggest thing.You guys all know what it takes to have a winning hockey team. You have to have everybody come together. That's the biggest message right now, is coming together with your family, your friends, your community and wait this thing out.We've got to do what we've got to do and we'll get through it."

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