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Disgraced NHL goaltender receives stern punishment from league

Published February 19, 2024 at 12:19

NHL Player Safety is keeping busy, as player-on-player violence continues to occur.

Last night, Blues goalie Jordan Binnington hit Nashville Predators forward Luke Evangelista in the face with a high stick.


The Department of Player Safety and George Parros have used their favorite punishment, the $5,000 maximum fine allowed by the CBA.

It's another instance of Binnington letting his nerves control his actions, and one of the worst offenders on ice.

There doesn't seem to be any discipline being administered to Binnington, just a gentle slap on the wrist.

Considering Binnington's history, discipline was inevitable, but this action where he caught Evangelista with his stick warrants serious punishment.

Unfortunately, Binnington gets irate with the wrong people, when he lets in five goals and assaults rookies like Evangelista.

He needs a mirror, and 5 game suspension, as the 2-minute minor penalty received at 19:36 in the game was a joke.

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Disgraced NHL goaltender receives stern punishment from league

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