Daniel Carcillo Makes Shocking Statement About John McDonough.

Published April 28, 2020 at 11:49 PM

"The Chicago Blackhawks made waves yesterday when they fired president John McDonough. While the franchise did a complete turnaround during McDonough's tenure, it hadn't been going well lately. That's how owner Rocky Wirtz explained the move as he basically hinted that fans had lost hope so changes needed to be made. According to one former Blackhawks' player, McDonough wasn't exactly mister nice guy. While on 670 The Score, Carcillo revealed that players were forced to look McDonough in the eyes and say "Hello Mr. McDonough" and shake his hand or there would be repercussions. Carcillo also retold a story about how during end of the year exit interviews a player wore sandals to the meeting and McDonough absolutely snapped on them. What do you think of Carcillo's stories?

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