John McDonough Releases Statement Regarding Firing.

Published April 28, 2020 at 5:59 PM

It was a move made out of left field yesterday when the Chicago Blackhawks let president John McDonough go. The president was fired after a long tenure with the Blackhawks and three Stanley Cups. Rocky Wirtz said that "As difficult as this is, we believe it was the right decision for the future of the organization and its fans,"Now less than 24 hours later, McDonough has released a statement himself. "Dear Blackhawks Family and Fans, Rocky Wirtz gave me an amazing opportunity to preside over the Chicago Blackhawks 12 1/2 years ago. It was the ride of a lifetime. I would like to thank Rocky, the Wirtz family, our staff, the players, the ambassadors and the fans for all they have done for the organization. I will be forever grateful to them and proud of what we accomplished together. Blackhawks fans are so incredibly passionate and loyal and are deserving of a consistent winner. I wish Danny Wirtz well in his new role, and I am confident the organization will have success in the search for a new President. My late father used a phrase sparingly but impactfully to describe those he found to be the most dignified, respectful and worthy of admiration. He would say they had "class a la mode". That perfectly describes the Wirtz family and the Chicago Blackhawks. Good luck. I'll always be pulling for you. John F. McDonough. "

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