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Could Calvin de Haan Return For Rest Of Season?

Published April 24, 2020 at 3:57 PM

"The Chicago Blackhawks season should get back up and running at some point this summer.
Chicago was really close to a Wild Card spot, but unfortunately things fell apart down the stretch and they lost some ground.
Right now Chicago sits 6 points out of the second Wild Card spot and 10 points out of third place in the Central Division.
Unfortunately for the Blackhawks it seems that NHL teams will only play against their own division when play returns and the schedule will be adjusted.
Chicago is just 7-12-3 against division opponents this season, but they might actually get a huge boost when play returns.
As BlackhawkUp points out, when play likely resumes in July, Calvin de Haan's injury timetable of 4-6 months will have passed.
With Chicago just 6 points out of a Wild Card spot, bringing back de Haan would be a huge boost for the team and gear them up for a serious playoff run.
Or the Blackhawks could of course throw in the towel on the season and focus on landing a specific draft slot.
Would you like to see de Haan back for a playoff push?


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