Connor Bedard Is Defiant To The Will of Gary Betman

March 29, 2024  (0:12)

Connor Bedard wraps his twig in Pride Tape
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It was pride night last evening for the Chicago Blackhawks and like many players in the NHL starting with Travis Dermott, they're openly defying the NHL.


Joining him in defying the dinosaur's written orders against using Pride Tape during Pride Night, was Connor Bedard and multiple Blackhawks players.
Tuesday night, the team held Pride Night before the match against the Calgary Flames. Since the league has outlawed fun and specialty jerseys, which are to be auctioned later for a special cause, players have opted to tape their sticks to show support.
Last summer Gary Bettman and the NHL, as a result of their "Don't Say Gay" policy led to an uproar of fans, after many players last season were roasted after their choice to forego wearing specialty jerseys.
It made the NHL look like a bunch of dinosaurs in their decision, and it has led players like Connor Bedard to defy Gary Bettman's will.
Bedard and the team themselves would make a huge showing of support for LGBTQ+ fans with festivities and the kind of decorations you'd expect for a colorful night.
Seth Jones weighed in on the night itself:
"We're obviously all in on that as a team and as an organization. We respect any way of life anyone has, and Pride Night's obviously still ma big part of this league, and a big part of our organization from the top down.

All the players are are still happy that the organization is at least having a Pride Night. We're not wearing the jerseys, but I think it means more than that. I think if everyone believes in it, it's not just about the jersey at the end of the day."

Nick Foligno feels strongly about the night and it's purpose:
"I think it's wonderful. I think it's great that our league still does that. The biggest thing is everyone has different beliefs, but at the end of the day, you should be able to voice what yours is in a respectful way. It's an opportunity for us to shed light on a group of people that has felt they need more of that. So it's a great opportunity for us to do that if you feel the need to do so.

It's a nice way to take on leadership yourself, whatever you feel your beliefs are. I think that's a great way to grow as a person. So if that's an important part for you, then stand up and do it and I think everyone's there to support each other."

Afterward, the Blackhawks would beat the Flames 3-1, on a huge night with not only it being Pride Night, but with CM Punk, Jackie Redmond, and Jey Uso in attendance as well.
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Connor Bedard Is Defiant To The Will of Gary Betman

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