Colliton Says Team Is Ready For Playoff Run.

March 24, 2021  (3:45 PM)

After a bit of a struggle and losing four games in a row, the Chicago Blackhawks got back on the winning side of things last night. The Blackhawks took down the Florida Panthers 3-2 at the United Center and knocked the Panthers from 2nd to 3rd place in the process gaining a two point lead on the Columbus Blue Jackets for the 4th and final playoff spot in the process. Chicago has been one of the most surprising teams this season and has without a doubt taken advantage of teams like the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars struggling. The Blackhawks are rebuilding but with the success this season head coach Jeremy Colliton made it clear that winning is always the goal including making the playoffs. A win last night definitely helped get them back on track. «We needed the win,» Colliton said. «We needed something good to happen to us. We probably deserved a bit better on the trip. But that doesn't get you anywhere. We've got to earn some momentum, and we've done that. Now it's up to us to do something with it.»The head coach added that he's been preaching the importance of preparation to make those playoffs.
«I'm not sure how often I'm bringing it up,» coach Jeremy Colliton said when I asked how hard he's emphasizing the playoff picture. «I'm sure we do talk about it. It's more talking about how each game is important and we've got to have the proper urgency with our preparation and how we approach it. I mean, everyone knows where we fit in the standings. It's a privilege to play in big games and ultimately a privilege to play in the playoffs, and we want to earn that with how we perform and it starts by how we prepare and then how we compete during the games. It would be subconscious how often I'm bringing it up.»
Are you confident Colliton can lead the Hawks into the playoffs?

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