Canucks GM reveals why the team passed on Phil Kessel

Janessa Ladouceur
March 27, 2024  (5:46 PM)

Phil Kessel
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Rumors started to swirl around former Stanley Cup champion Phil Kessel signing a full-season contract with the Canucks after practicing with Vancouver's AHL, yet no contract was given, we now know the answer why.

Phil Kessel's resume indeed speaks volumes about his value, especially in high-stakes situations like the NHL playoffs. His experience, coupled with his proven track record of performance, including his recent Stanley Cup victory with the Vegas Golden Knights, makes him an attractive asset for any team eyeing playoff success. Kessel's ability to contribute significantly across a full season, as evidenced by his 14 goals and 22 assists in 82 games last year, showcases his reliability and skill level.
The possibility of Kessel joining the Vancouver Canucks arose when he was spotted practicing with their AHL affiliate earlier this year. However, no contract was offered before the deadline, ultimately leading to Kessel's absence from the NHL this season. Patrick Allvin, the Canucks' General Manager, has now shed light on the reasons behind their decision not to pursue a deal with Kessel.
I think Phil is a great person and a well-respected player. What he has done in the league, a three-time Cup winner, he wanted to come back to play. With being in LTIR and roster complications and how we want to play, unfortunately, at this point it wasn't a fit for us
- Canucks General Manager Patrick Allvin
The Canucks appear ready to make a strong push this season. After several years of not being seen as serious contenders for the cup, it is understandable that they chose not to make major changes to fit Kessel into the team. Nevertheless, tensions are escalating in Vancouver, evident by players getting into altercations during practice.
Unfortunately, they brought him out to practice with the AHL team but ultimately chose not to sign him, which is quite disappointing. It is also disheartening to observe a fan favorite not being able to play for the entire year. Only time will reveal if this turn of events will result in Kessel's retirement or if he will make his way back into the NHL.
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Canucks GM reveals why the team passed on Phil Kessel

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