Brent Seabrook's NHL Career Over?

March 19, 2020  (4:02 PM)

"With the NHL season suspended, there remains a lot of questions not only about the season itself but about the status of certain players moving forward.One of those players is Chicago Blackhawks' defenseman Brent Seabrook. Seabrook of course was having a tough 2019-20 season which featured him being made a healthy scratch and then eventually being placed on injured reserve and undergoing three major surgeries. There's been lots of chatter that Seabrook could follow in the Marian Hossa footsteps and get placed on long term injured reserve. James Mirtle of The Athletic has listed Seabrook as one of 15 players who might have played their last game in the NHL. Here's Mirtle's excerpt on Seabrook:"I'll say this much: He doesn't think this is the end.
He may be on the verge of turning 35. He may have a bloated contract that's going to be difficult to perform up to. And he may now be a bionic man after taking most of this season to have surgeries on half of his body parts.
But Seabrook is a gamer, and he'll do whatever he can to try and battle back.
The tough thing is that contract makes it harder for the Blackhawks to build a competitive team, if the best Seabrook can be is a depth defenceman. The buyout terms are simply brutal, too, so that won't be an option.
So is he headed for LTIR? Or a trade, with some salary retained?
I don't know how it happens but hopefully, he at least gets a shot with his rebuilt body. He was a massive part of Chicago's three Cup wins in six years and the rebirth of one of the NHL's marquee franchises. And he helped Canada win Olympic gold in his hometown in 2010 as part of a dream season.
But Father Time comes for us all."Do you think it's over for Seabrook?

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