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A Fan Was Caught Red-Handed Recording the Dallas Stars Ice Crew

Published April 11, 2024 at 10:09 PM

The Dallas Stars and New Jersey Devils game had some suspicious activity going on.

One fan saw it necessary to record the Dallas Stars Ice Crew during the game, as they were doing their job, in outfits that looked like cheerleaders while cleaning up the ice.


The fan has earned a massive amount of backlash from other fans online, as his behavior was creepy.

This guy was LOCKED in

The fan in question remains anonymous and hasn't been identified as of yet. But this brings legitimate questions about the ice crew's regular uniforms and the fan's actions.

It brings a debate, which calls into mind how the Ice Crew's uniforms are, little more than tight cheerleaders outfits, whereas in other cities, the Ice Crew have more practical jackets and pants instead.

This debate is another part of the cultural milieu where things could change quickly and the philosophy behind desirability and practicality comes into play for the Ice Crew for the Dallas Stars.

Source: Hockey Patrol
Fan caught recording Dallas Stars ice crew during a game
April 11   |   213 answers
A Fan Was Caught Red-Handed Recording the Dallas Stars Ice Crew

Should the fan who took pictures and video of the Ice Crew be held accountable?

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