Will the Blackhawks offer the captaincy to Foligno?

Published July 1, 2023 at 1:43

The Blackhawks are entering one of their more difficult and intriguing times in over a decade. The organization decided to call it quits on this current build and has been moving out players and assets over the past year to position themselves to have the most draft picks available antle and the first overall.

They have succeeded in those goals and will draft Connor Bedard tomorrow when the draft begins at 7:00 PM. They will also have numerous draft picks in the first three rounds. Trades are also in the mix, as the Blackhawks decided to make a trade with the Boston Bruins in acquiring Taylor Hall and Nick Foligno.

Foligno signed a one year deal with the Hawks for 4 million.

According to Jim Matheson, who writes for the Oilers' journal, Foligno should be given the captaincy as soon as possible.

His theory is that since he held the captaincy with Columbus for many years, that would make him a logical choice to be the next captain of the Blackhawks.

While having some leadership qualities and years of experience, I do feel that the Blackhawks should wait until they have their team completed and their core established before giving out the captaincy.

This honour will be in the hands of head coach Luke Richardson. Richardson will take this very seriously and will give this when he sees fit.

The fun will begin tomorrow at 7:00 PM on June 28th.
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Will the Blackhawks offer the captaincy to Foligno?

Will the Blackhawks offer the captaincy to Foligno?

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