Whos the Better Toews?

Published January 28, 2022 at 3:31 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks recently played the Colorado Avalanche, in Colorado. The Hawks tried hard to keep up with the talent and speed of the Avs. Some consider the Avs THE team to beat in the West. Most NHL critics give them the nod to likely represent the West. The hawks put in a solid effort, but when the dust settled, the Avs were victorious 2-0. At least they covered the spread.

A fan in the lower bowl of the arena proudly held a homemade sign that said 'Our Toews is better than your Toews'. The majority of the Hawks fans probably just smirked at that home-team taunt. They knew the truth, they knew what had transpired over Jonathan Toews' career. The word 'Championships' is one that comes to mind. They then dismiss this taunt because they know the history. The sheer audacity to compare the younger Devon Toews to his elder, Jonathan, is SMH material.

So, what does 'better' than your Toews mean? Does it relate to overall skill? Speed? Who is a bigger and more physical player? One who can score more than the other? One who has won it all in the past? All of these are somewhat comparable attributes, but the silverware won in championships doesn't even come close to those minor, current year statistics. Also let's not forget Devon is defenseman, and Jonathan is a center. Hard to compare those positions statistically.

At a 10,000 foot view:

Jonathan Toews:
Years in the League: 14
Stanley Cups: 3 (1 Conn Smythe Trophy, Playoffs MVP)

Devon Toews:
Years in the League: 4
Stanley Cups: 0

Devon is of course on a team this year, that has high potential of winning the cup. His team is better this year, compared to the Hawks. But, the playoffs haven't even started, and who knows what will happen this year. Its anybody's chance to win, to those that make the playoffs. The parity in the league often shows us, whoever's got the Mo, and who stays healthy, can win it all.

Devon Toews might be a stronger player than Toews, he is larger and taller than Toews. Devon is also just hitting his stride, as its early in his career. Jonathan is towards the latter part of his career. An excellent career when you look at the numbers: Just short of 1000 games, 349 goals and 485 assists. He probably wouldn't even have to hit 500 goals in his career, to be determined for the Hall of Fame. The 3 cups alone are sufficient credentials. Devon's career numbers are 100 games, 21 goals and 81 assists. Pretty good for short career.

Jonathan Toews has also been know worldwide as a first class, top notch Captain. His leadership has shined throughout his career. In the interview that I had personally done with former Chicago Blackhawks coach John Torchetti, he spoke highly of Toews. Torchetti has coached all throughout the NHL and also worldwide, most recently being hired by the struggling Philadelphia Flyers. I asked the coach about his time with the Hawks, how awesome it was to win it in Philly with the Kane OT winner. It was entertaining to hear some of the stories he had. I asked about Toews, was he the real deal we have all heard of? Does the Captain Serious tag ring true? He smiled, and said 'Yes, its all true. Johnny is all world. He does it all. He has a great shot so he can score, he is not afraid to muck it up by the boards to setup other players. He is a beast in the faceoff circle. (Career percentage is 57%, ridiculously good in the NHL). He is a great leader and the team works hard for him. Its all there. He is a complete player.'
This interview was at a roulette table in Rivers Casino, but still, true story.

Toews may be slightly diminishing with age. But its the tangibles that make him an eventual Hall of Famer. He will also retire knowing he was part of a dynasty that won championships. Thank you captain.

Until Devon wins a championship, we shall not make the comparison ever again. Get a new sign.

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