Fleury says no to being a Washington Capital!

Published January 27, 2022 at 11:56

NHL insider Elliot Friedman was recently asked about The Washington Capitals being a good fit for goaltender Marc Andre Fleury.

'I think the Capitals are interested', Friedman said. 'Do you remember when Josh Gorges was going to be traded from Montreal to Toronto and he refused to go? Yeah, he said I can't do that. I think that's a very big thing here.'

'I am not convinced that Fleury would be comfortable doing it,' Friedman added. 'He's still very much a Penguin and I think sometimes we underestimate how much passion there is in these rivalries. I do think the Capitals are very interested. I do think they'd love to do it. We have two months here, but I'm not convinced that Fleury would feel comfortable doing that at all.'

It would be awesome to see if Ovie and Fleury could will the Caps to another Final. However, its rumored that Fleury is very loyal. So, unless the dollar amount is juicy, I don't see Fleury going to the Caps. Maybe Pittsburgh, if you want to talk about loyalty.

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