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Vicious Melee Attack Breaks Out on the Ice

Published December 20, 2022 at 3:30 PM

Players sometimes get aggressive with their sticks in hockey, meaning that they will accidentally slash or hook someone...or sometimes it will be on purpose.

Even if it is on purpose, though, it is usually just one slash. These types of slashes typically come from the goalie to warn a player that he is too close to his crease.

Well, in this junior game, there was a slash that was on purpose, but it was also way more than one slash.

How can you even stop a player from doing this if you are a ref? If you try to intervene you are probably going to end up taking one of those vicious slashes to your face.

I am hoping that this kid doesn't play hockey for a while, and instead, his parents assist him in reaching out for help with his anger.
December 20   |   37 answers
Vicious Melee Attack Breaks Out on the Ice

Should this kid play hockey again?

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