Trevor Zegras Allegedly Makes Fun of Opponents Deceased Dad and Sparks a Brawl

Published January 29, 2023 at 1:03 PM

Last night we sadly witnessed the fine line between ''chirping'' and disrespecting an opponent, and fans are not happy. Rookie sensation Trevor Zegras, who plays for the Anaheim Ducks faced off against the Arizona Coyotes last night where he would score a very nice overtime-winning goal to send the Coyotes packing, but that's not what is trending..

Trevor Zegras and Arizona Coyotes defensemen Troy Stetcher got into a heated scrum, but it appeared as if that scrum lit up in flames whenever Zegras made the ultimate-disrespectful gesture.

Trevor Zegras looked at Stetcher, pointed up to the sky and said something along the lines of ''your dads up there watching huh''. Stetcher's father sadly passed just a few years ago, and it was heartbreaking for Stetcher. Zegras got a 10-minute misconduct, which further confirms the nasty remarks.

Troy Stetcher: «He was my first coach and my favourite coach,» Stecher said. «He was my best friend. My dad was always hard on me as a player. He wasn't an asshole or anything, but my dad expected me to work hard and he wasn't going to sugar-coat anything. He was going to tell me the way it was, and I'm thankful for that.»

Peter Stecher, who raised his three kids in Richmond, B.C., before settling in Surrey, died suddenly on June 21 from complications of diabetes. He was 65 years old.

The altercation can be seen below, where it appears Zegras says ''Your dads up there watching'' as he points to the sky. Zegras' own teammates looked disgusted, and Troy Stetcher proceeded to go crazy and yell ''that's f***** up''.

This is quite sad, and Zegras will definitely be a target next time the two teams face off.

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Trevor Zegras Allegedly Makes Fun of Opponents Deceased Dad and Sparks a Brawl

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