NHL Goaltender Challenges Jordan Binnington in Recent Interview

Published January 29, 2023 at 11:23

When it comes to goaltenders around the League one goaltender seems to take more criticism then most, and that's the St.Louis Blues Jordan Binnington.

Although he's very talented and one of the best in the NHL, winning a Stanley Cup in 2019, Binnington has a short fuse and likes to get into altercations with players like he did vs Nazem Kadri during the Avalanche vs Blues series in last years playoffs.

Ironically the Binnington and the Blues were playing the Avalanche again when Binnington would get involved in a scrum during the game, and it appeared that the Avalanche goaltender, Alexander Georgiev had enough with Binnington's antics, skating to center ice to challenge Binnington.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see a goalie fight, but after the game Georgiev would call out Binnington for his antics saying:

"I think it's a little dirty of their goalie knowing you're untouchable." Said Georgiev

When asked about whether or not his decision to skate out to center ice was in fact a challenge Binnington to a fight, Georgiev only smiled and said he would just, "maybe talk to to him."


With that said, hockey fans will have February 18th marked on their calendars for when the next time the Avalanche and Blues meet after Georgiev throws down Binnington's punk card.

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NHL Goaltender Challenges Jordan Binnington in Recent Interview

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